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“Home will always be a

place of heart”


It is a place where we seek refuge from the chaos of the outside world, finding tranquility and peace within its embrace. It is where we express our truest selves, surrounded by the belongings and mementos that reflect our unique journeys.Tekni approached us with a vision for their campaign—a concept for their newly renovated showroom.


Our objective was to highlight the inherent luxury that defines Tekni’s well-established brand, while ensuring that the essential elements of comfort and warmth, reminiscent of a home, were not compromised. To accomplish this, we developed two distinct storyboards, each serving a unique purpose. Both aimed to showcase the emotions and feelings of Tekni. One focuses on portraying the Tekni showroom from the perspective of a visitor, while the other captures the viewpoint of the staff.

A Place of Heart for You

The concept revolves around crafting an illusion of a home-like environment for visitors, facilitating their ability to envision the products within their own living spaces effortlessly. Additionally, it enables visitors to fully immerse themselves in the Tekni lifestyle, enhancing their connection to the brand and its values.

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A Place of Heart for Us

The concept aims to cultivate a sense of home for the staff, fostering an environment where they can genuinely express their true selves. This atmosphere encourages them to greet visitors with a warm and friendly approach, as if welcoming a friend into their own homes.

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