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We are MONTE

It’s not merely furniture; it encompasses the narrative it holds. MONTE (mon-ty) is a Malaysian sofa brand that specializes in crafting cowhide leather sofas. In order to convey the brand’s story, we thoroughly delved into its origins, which served as the fundamental pillar for the brand’s future. Our strategy focused on leveraging the story behind the furniture. Constructing furniture requires the collaborative efforts of a dedicated team of craftsmen and artisans, and our objective is to exhibit this to the general public.


MONTE, derived from the Italian word for ‘mountain’, symbolizes the brand’s relentless pursuit of exceptional quality and value in furniture design. Our intention was to introduce MONTE by highlighting the passion and dedication associated with a lifelong endeavor, which people are likely to resonate with the brand. To achieve this, we crafted a brand video with a carefully designed storyboard and script that aimed to capture the essence and sentiments of MONTE. Everything the brand offers revolves around furniture that defines your home. When you purchase a MONTE sofa, you are acquiring a masterpiece created with an artist’s passion and heartfelt dedication – a work of heart.

Mood and Tone

We divided the ambiance into two distinct aspects: the consumer and the craftsman. Our visual objective was to accentuate the contrast between what people typically perceive—the vibrant and aesthetically pleasing lifestyle—and what often remains unseen—the high-contrast, warm-toned manufacturing process carried out by skilled craftsmen.


Undoubtedly, an operational manufacturing facility is far from glamorous. Fortunately, through close collaboration with our client, we were able to add an artistic touch to the visuals by retaining essential elements to enhance the aesthetics of the factory while removing any unnecessary clutter.


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