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3 most important advertising videos for tight budget companies


For brands that just started to have contact with video marketing, there are various video formats and ideas available, each with their own advantages and outcomes. But where do you begin if you just have a small budget to deal with?

It’s normal that brands started off with their video marketing with lesser effort and budget. Your team might not be familiar with this, so you want to see results before making additional investments. But those constrained resources also mean constrained possibilities. In order to maximise your chances of success, you should invest every dollar you have in marketing. 

There are a few videos that every brand should have in their library, even if each one should have a unique video marketing plan based on its objectives for development and sales. These videos frequently have a significantly longer usable life and can be used as the basis for upcoming video marketing efforts.

Prioritise these three videos first and foremost: 

Brand Story: Every brand should create a video that tells their brand story as their very first production. A brand story is a coherent narrative that includes the information and emotions that your brand generates (or business, if you prefer). Not like traditional advertising that just focuses on showing and informing about the brand. This video shares who you are, what you do, and why you do it, in an engaging and effective way. Brand story videos give consumers a deeper understanding of a company, which fosters the development of key customer loyalty factors like trust, value, and recognition. Your brand story video can also be shown on the homepage of your website. 


Case study or testimonial videos: A brand’s initial video marketing plan will benefit from both case study and testimonial videos. Your decision may be influenced by the kinds of goods and services you provide and the clients you’ve worked with. Video testimonials will be very powerful, partly because we can produce them in normally the length ranging from 30 seconds to two minutes in duration. In either case, these kinds of videos lend credibility to your company by demonstrating the effectiveness of your products and services and fostering consumer trust. If you have one featured offering and an engaging customer narrative to convey, a case study is more suited. Similar to brand videos, these videos can be utilised across numerous platforms and even modified to increase their usefulness. 


Product explainer video: product explainer film provides instructions on how to use a particular product, as well as information on its features and the issues it may help you with. It usually lasts 60 to 90 seconds and seeks to describe the features of the product and the benefits of purchasing it. It sets an expectation for your consumer about your products. Besides that, it focuses on the issue that your products address rather than their specific features and advantages. Explainer films establish your company’s legitimacy while assisting potential clients in understanding what you do. It’s important to continue posting these films on your website, YouTube channel, and social media.


Lastly, being new to video marketing brands should concentrate on producing high-quality videos that will be effective for a longer time. Even as you start to diversify into other video marketing projects, these videos will keep grabbing the attention of your target audience, establishing authenticity, and fostering trust.