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“People don’t hate advertising. People hate bad advertising.”


The crisis that the advertising industry is facing is that consumers will take any opportunities to skip ads as people nowadays are willing to pay money to avoid seeing ads. However, marketers still spend billions on ads, while consumers tend to spend their lives trying to avoid them.

There are even services that allow users to avoid disruptions from ads that serve on platforms such as YouTube, news sites or iPhone apps that offer such things as premium subscriptions. This service is especially popular among young people with disposable income.


Remember a time when you were halfway through watching a video on YouTube or Facebook and a mid-roll advertisement just appeared to disrupt your experience? Yes, we’ve all been there. Nothing is worse than an ad ruining an emotional moment between you and your video. 

Besides that, ads these days tend to look and feel the same. The ads themselves are not new and original and sometimes uninspired, which makes the consumers feel tired from watching almost the same thing.

There isn’t much you can do to reach consumers on a platform if they already use an ad blocker or are already paying for an ad-free service. However, you can improve the ad-watching experience with better content for consumers who will view your advertisement. The importance of this is that if you’re going to conduct several advertising campaigns, you should probably make an effort to make them seem and feel high-quality.


“Create a hook to grab your consumer’s attention”

Grab your consumers’ attention by creating a hook at the first few seconds because even if a person sees your video advertisement, it’s not necessary that they will watch till the end. They can always choose to skip the ad when the choice appears or sacrifice their original content in order to skip the ad. That’s why having a hook is important as it will make your consumers keep wanting to watch your video. You have to keep consumers interested until they hear your message by surprising them or by promising to show them something amusing or important. Besides that, an interesting thumbnail will also help attract people to watch the video.


// Tell a good story

To tell a story, it should evoke and relate an emotion to have an effect on people as storytelling has a huge effect on our brain. This is where the targeted audience data will be useful in making an advertisement that speaks to your target audience. Focus on the problems that your consumers are experiencing and how you might address them in a way that delivers a compelling story to them. The video should focus more on story instead of sales.  


// Have a clear and engaging Call-To-Action (CTA)

Assuming your audience has seen all the way through your advertisement, you want to make sure they continue to think about it after it has ended. Find a more creative technique to urge your consumers to go to your website to purchase your product. Inform them of your plan to address their issue or lead them to question their current supplier by allowing them to call, share, follow, comment or check other related content. Encourage your consumers to engage with you.

It may seem impossible to design an advertisement that stands out from the competition and is seen by your target audience, but you don’t have to go it alone.

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